The increased reliability on the Internet and modern technologies has forever changed many aspects of traditional business. These days consumers are turning to the internet to do most of their shopping and thus the importance of the warehouse in the supply and demand chain is more crucial than ever. As a result of this, warehouses are having to adjust their processes and design to meet these increasing consumer demands.

We can’t speak for everyone but here at Modular we believe that eventually the future of warehouse systems will be automated storage systems. An automated warehouse is a facility where all or some of the tasks related to storing, retrieving, and moving inventory are carried out by automated systems. This form of system process is a faster way to store and retrieve inventory in a warehouse environment. Automated systems may not be for everyone depending on the size, scope and growth of your business however they definitely have an abundance of advantages and benefits. 

If you are thinking about introducing an automated storage system into your warehouse space then your existing systems for storing materials may need to be retrofitted to accommodate automation. Such alterations might include making racks for pallets wider to accommodate conveyor belts and other such machinery. If your business does not yet require an automated storage system there are other options to consider to ensure that your storage is as efficient and moveable as possible. 

Our consultants can arrange an inspection of your warehouse to see if automation is necessary and appropriate. They can offer advice on what kinds of systems to install, how to lay out the warehouse, and how to use the warehouse space for maximum effectiveness. Get in contact with the Modular team to scope out your next project.


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