High density storage system for fast moving products


Drive-in pallet racking is a very low cost form of high density pallet storage. This means it is perfect for businesses with a limited budget who require a large amount of racking and shelving. Due to these features, drive-in racking systems in Brisbane, and surrounding areas, are extremely popular.




Pallets are stored on rails running front to back of the system instead of horizontal beams found in a selective racking system. This allows forklift operators to quickly store pallets in lanes up to 10 pallets deep.


While flexibility is reduced with drive-in racking, this is outweighed by the large amount of pallet storage that is possible.


This is the best solution for fast moving product lines, such as food or produce, where large amounts of pallets require storage but they will move in and out of the warehouse quickly.



If you are unsure if drive-in racking is the right choice for you, contact Modular Storage Systems. Our knowledgeable and personable team is ready to assist in helping you make the right storage choice. Once contacted, we will usually visit your site and catch-up for a chat the same day.


In order to provide the best advice, our team will take measurements, work out the project requirements, provide detailed working drawings, and an itemised quotation. We understand that not everyone has prior knowledge of storage systems and we want you to understand exactly what is in the quote we provide. As such, our team will happily answer any questions you may have.


Contact us today for a comprehensive drive-in storage racking quote in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or other South-East Queensland location.



  • High density storage
  • Suited to storing large quantities of the same product
  • Low investment for amounts of pallets stored
  • Easy to use for forklift operators
  • Reduced damage and repair costs with upright protection and floor guide system


  • Large amounts of similar product
  • Freezer or Cold Room – Drive In Rack has the largest Pallet capacity per square metre which can help reduce the high cost of extra cool room space
  • Fragile or uneven products that cannot be stacked on top of each other