The Modular Storage Systems team were recently asked to create Longspan Shelving Mezzanine solution for a business in Eagle Farm, Brisbane that was quickly running out of space.

They had many small parts and over 1000 SKU’s so from the initial consultation it was obvious that a high density shelving solution was going to be the best fit considering the relatively small budget allowed for the project.

There was existing Longspan Shelving on site that we had installed 2 years prior so after some careful thought and consideration of our systems, it was decided we would install a Longspan Shelving Mezzanine that utilised the existing shelving and added an additional run.

The existing Longspan Shelving on site had to be re-worked into the correct position and fixed to the concrete to ensure compliance with the relevant standards. Heavy Duty support beams were manufactured and install at the top of the frames and then the Mezzanine System consisting of top hat battens and plywood flooring were installed.

The Modular Storage Systems handrail, gate and stair system was installed to finish of a great system that came in below the clients intended budget and utilised the existing material on site.

No disruption on site to the clients day to day operations, 1000 SKU’s now efficiently stored, all systems compliant and one very happy customer!

Well done team.

Contact us today for further details on (07) 3412 1842 or info@modularstorage.com.au