The Modular Storage Systems team recently completed a Drive In Racking Project in Yatala, right between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The Drive In Pallet Racking system consisted of 13 x Lanes Wide, 5 x Pallets Deep and 4 x Pallets High with 3 on storage levels. This equated to 260 Pallet Locations @ 1000kg each – a huge 260 tonnes of weight – Thats a lot of tinned tomatoes!

We are quoting on a lot more Drive In Racking projects in Brisbane and the Gold Coast at the moment – Businesses are ramping up their storage capabilities and ensuring they future proof their current facility rather than having to incur the costly expenses involve in moving.

Due to the custom nature of the Drive In Racking system and this being the Brisbane clients first time using such a system, our design team ensured there were floor guides and upright protection installed.

Drive In Racking is different in the sense that the Pallets are stored on Rails running from front to back of the system, rather than your traditional Pallet Racking where the pallets are stored on load bearing beams running left to right.

There can be great benefits with Drive In Racking if you are looking for the best bulk storage solution or looking to maximise your storage capacity – This is a two sided equation though as you lose a little bit of flexibility in terms of product availability.

With Drive In Racking you need to empty the Pallets out in front of the one you are looking to retrieve where as with Selective Pallet Racking you can access all of your Pallets at any time.

If you would like to discuss Drive In Racking with our Brisbane based team, do not hesitate to contact us any time or Book a free measure and quote.