Customer service should be high in the list of priorities for any business and when aiming to improve customer service levels, warehouse management should be taken into account.

1.     Be In The Know

As a warehouse manager, understanding what’s happening and knowing exactly where your products are in the value chain are critical elements of good customer service. Not being able to accurately advise where orders are and give a fair estimate on delivery times can leave you looking unprofessional, which can put your business at risk to lose valuable customers. Working with your warehouse management team to create checkpoints throughout the entire order process allows simple tracking procedures to track orders from the time they are received to the time they are delivered.


2.     Roll With The Times

Change is inevitable in the business world, whether it is new technology, business growth or economic factors. Keeping informed of what is happening around the industry is important to stay current and ensure you are remaining competitive with other players in the industry. Warehouse managers can do this by setting themselves up with news alerts, joining online industry groups, researching competitors and going to key industry events. It is crucial to keep on innovating and implement systems that are up to date. Following and learning from competitor’s successes and failures can help you implement new strategies and can help to ensure your business isn’t left behind. Employing the above tactics can help equip your business to deal with dynamic changes in the industry and be ready to respond to customer needs to make sure they get what they need when they need it.



3.     Regularly Review Delivery Times

  In today’s industry, the demand for delivery of products is getting tighter all the time. Growingly, customers have higher expectations and less patience. This has become more so as global reach continues to extend, therefore raising demand. This makes it crucial to move and deliver at exceptional speed to maximise customer satisfaction and warehouse efficiency. By continuously training warehouse managers on the latest practices within the industry, you will see improvements in speed giving you the ability to exceed customer’s expectations and drive important repeat business.


4.     Improve Communications

 It is extremely hard to excel in customer service without excellent communication throughout the supply chain. Warehouse managers should look at their organisation’s values and establish what their promise is to their customers. Once these have been identified, make them a warehouse mantra. It is crucial to spend time with your warehouse management team to highlight key points throughout the customer journey that are important to communicate to customers, this keeps everyone in the loop and in the know about what is happening with their order. In today’s world with all the modern methods of instantaneous communication there are no excuses not to provice outstanding communication to customers.


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