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Warehouse Racking for Workplace Health and Safety

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Warehouse Racking for Workplace Health and Safety

Chris Carroll

Modular Storage Systems worker wearing appropriate safety gear

If you operate a business, you have a legal duty of care to provide high standards of safety to your employees. Here at Modular Storage Systems we know that safety begins with an effective warehouse design and installation of storage. A pallet racking system that is used appropriately, well maintained and audited regularly, will ensure your workers health and safety.

No matter what size or shape your storage area or workplace is, we can customise a pallet racking storage system to suit. Our storage solutions will not only take care of your storage needs but will also significantly reduce and prevent workplace accidents and injuries and ensure staff safety. 

The Modular team ensures that they put as much effort and attention into the design process as is put into the installation. We provide an extensive design plan and layout to all of our clients and use our expertise and knowledge to provide the best possible storage solutions, taking into consideration every safety standard and measure. 

The installation process is executed with no detail spared. Our team provides quick and efficient instillation which meets all legislation and client expectations. 

One of the most common safety issues that workplaces, and in particular warehouses, experience is poor maintenance. Damaged racking systems and messy aisles are the results of poor warehouse maintenance and can easily turn into a workplace injury. 

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The links below are relevant industry resources for distributors, business owners, and pallet racking end users.

Proper design, installation, and maintenance of storage racks will make the warehouse environment a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. Ensure your workplace is safe for your workers, and as orderly and efficient as it can be by getting in touch with the team from Modular Storage Systems today here or on 1800 914 348.