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Pallet Racking Upright Protectors Brisbane

Chris Carroll

Our Brisbane team recently upgraded our 'L' shaped Pallet Racking Upright Protectors in response to changes in the AS4084 2012 standard.

The new requirements are outlined below, an extract from the AS4084 2012:

(a) An upright protector with a height of not less than 400mm shall be positioned at the end upright of each run of racking between cross aisles.
(b) An upright protector shall be positioned at all those uprights positioned at aisle and gangway sections
(c) The upright protector shall be designed for an energy absorption of not less than 400 Nm in any direction at any height between 0.1 m and  0.4 m.
(d) The upright protector shall be positioned in such a way that, after its deformation by absorbing impact, the upright will not be damaged.

All of our Brisbane Pallet Racking designs include Upright Protectors that are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian and international standards.

Contact our Brisbane team today to discuss Upright Protectors, Australian Standards or any other Pallet Racking requirements on 1300 851 461 or