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Pallet Racking Repairs Brisbane

Chris Carroll

Pallet Racking Repairs have just been completed in Brisbane for a small but extremely busy business. Pallet Racking Maintenance, Service and Repairs is a key part of the service we provide to both new and existing clients in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Modular Storage Systems were engaged by the client to complete Pallet Racking Repairs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and ensure their Pallet Racking was up to AS4084-2012 Standards.

AS4084 Logo.jpg

Due to the mix of Pallet Racking brands on site in Ormeau, Brisbane our team had to ensure all weight capacities were checked and verified by the relevant Pallet Racking manufacturers - A key point that many 'cowboy' Pallet Racking Audit companies overlook.

Modular Storage Systems replaced one Single Sided run of Pallet Racking in this Ormeau Warehouse as it was beyond repair.

Pallet Racking Audit and Repairs were completed:

  • Damaged uprights replaced
  • Baseplates repaired and bolted to concrete
  • Damaged Pallet Racking beams replaced
  • Safety pins installed where missing
  • New Safe Working Load Signage installed

Within 3 days the clients Brisbane facility was not only safe for staff and product but compliant with all of the requirements set out in AS4804-2012.

AS4084-2012 states that all Pallet Racking systems are audited every 12 months. This can be quite confusing for some clients as there are a lot of cowboy or fly by night Racking Audit companies now getting around who have decided to try and cash in on the changes in the standards.

Unlike some of our competitors we have no interest in trying to cash in on this new industry, we simply want to help our clients have safe warehouses for their staff.

If you want to have a truthful, honest and no fuss conversation about these requirements, please don't hesitate to Contact Us today. 

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