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We Design, Supply and Install Pallet Racking, Longspan Shelving, Mezzanine Floors, Cantilever Racking and Warehouse Storage Systems.

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Mezzanine Floor Gold Coast

Chris Carroll

Mezzanine Floor Gold Coast

Modular Storage Systems installed a Mezzanine Floor for a customer on the Gold Coast this week.

Our team met with the customer to discuss the project requirements and it became clear that a small Mezzanine Floor would be the best option with the space available in the storage shed.

We measured the site and designed the layout on autocad to ensure a perfect fit and easy installation for our crew.

The Modular Mezzanine design allows for quick installation and the use of standard size 'off the shelf' products which results in a Mezzanine Floor that is compliant with the relevant standards and is also cost effective and removable when the business increases in size and needs a bigger shed.

When designing the Mezzanine Floor our team considers Australian standards such as AS4084 which covers the pallet racking and AS1657 that covers the landing and access such as stairs.

Modular Storage Systems complete Mezzanine Floor projects on the Gold Coast every week and in the quoting stage we often find out from the customer that our product is significantly cheaper than other fixed Mezzanine Solutions - Often half the price!

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