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We Design, Supply and Install Pallet Racking, Longspan Shelving, Mezzanine Floors, Cantilever Racking and Warehouse Storage Systems.

We are located 2/ 30 Access Ave Yatala, QLD between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Light Duty Modular Cantilever Racking

Chris Carroll

We have been in the Warehouse Racking game based in Brisbane for close to 10 years now, we sell everything from small workbenches and plastic bins right through to massive warehouse fit outs including Cantilever Racking, Pallet Racking and Mezzanine Floors.

We have seen the industry change considerably. Australian Manufacturers moving offshore, prices decreasing as new players enter the market, changes to AS4084 - The Australian Standard for Pallet Racking.

During this time, we have refined our product range right down to a core base of items that are popular and sell consistently. This helps us keep our prices low with lead times that blow away our competition.

We recently introduced a new product line - Light Duty Cantilever Racking. This is a product available in Brisbane and the Gold Coast that we feel the industry is screaming out for. Most suppliers systems are either over engineered and suited to extremely heavy items or very expensive due to it being a non standard product.

Our Longspan Shelving is a mini version of our Pallet Racking and we have continued this concept with our Light Duty Cantilever Racking - It is a smaller, cheaper and more versatile version of our Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking.

The design is simple - you choose from the following dimensions in either single or double sided with two different length arm options:

  • Column Height
  • Upright Spacing
  • Arm Length
    900mm - 400kg per arm
    1200mm - 200kg per arm
  • Base Length
    1150mm - Single Sided to suit 900mm Arm
    1450mm - Single Sided to suit 1200mm Arm
    2100mm - Double Sided to suit 900mm Arms
    2700mm - Double Sided to suit 1200mm Arms

So for example - If you want to store 6 metre lengths of pipe then you would choose 4 x Uprights spaced 1500mm apart (3 bays) which would add up to 4500mm overall and mean your pipes would hang over 750mm at each end. (1500 x 3 = 4500mm)

Installation of this Light Duty Cantilever Racking is simple and can be handled by one person - This not only keeps the price down, but also ensures changes to arm levels later on are a breeze.

Our team provides a full site survey and assessment including detailed drawings and project scope anywhere in Brisbane, Gold Coast and throughout Queensland the Northern New South Wales.