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We Design, Supply and Install Pallet Racking, Longspan Shelving, Mezzanine Floors, Cantilever Racking and Warehouse Storage Systems.

We are located 2/ 30 Access Ave Yatala, QLD between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Cantilever Racking Brisbane

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Cantilever Racking Brisbane

Chris Carroll

Modular Storage Systems recently completed Cantilever Racking in Brisbane. Our team completed the Cantilever Racking project on schedule and on budget.


  • Cantilever Racking Uprights 4,500mmH x 305mmW  - 4,800kg loading per side
  • Cantilever Racking Arms 900mmL - 1,200kg loading each
  • Cantilever Racking Bases - 2,118mmL x 305mmH
  • 1,500mm Upright Centres
  • 150mm End Stops on Bases and Arms


Cantilever Racking Brisbane


Our Design team met with client in Brisbane to discuss the Cantilever Racking project requirements.

The client advised that they had previously dealt with a major Cantilever Racking supplier who had let them down on their last project by providing lead times that were not realistic and therefore caused the project was not delivered on time.

Due to the nature of their Brisbane operation, the client was very specific with their requirements and specifications for the Cantilever Racking project as they use this type of Warehouse Racking system throughout multiple sites in Brisbane.

Cantilever Racking Brisbane bracing


  • 900mm Cantilever Racking Arms capable of carrying 1,000kg each
  • 4500mm Cantilever Racking Uprights capable of carrying 4,000kg per side
  • Arm Centres of 1,500mm
  • Base Protectors to help prevent damage
  • A Supplier that was honest on lead times and had competitive prices


Once the project scope was established our team set about Designing the Cantilever Racking Brisbane system in Autocad with layouts, floor plans, shop drawings and elevations.

These drawings were used in the estimating and quoting stages of the project and then also used by our Installation team when on site.

We were successful in the tender process for the racking project and our Warehouse staff picked the order and had it on site for the client within three days and then installed within two - A great effort to complete this Cantilever Racking project within five business days!

Cantilever Racking Arms Brisbane


'We had previously dealt with a national supplier who had let us down so we decided to put our next project through a tender type process. We reviewed other major suppliers and established that Modular Storage Systems had the best offering not only from a financial perspective but also in product and service'.

Cantilever Racking Uprights Brisbane


We have a small team of 6 and mainly service clients based in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast however we also often travel interstate to service our ever growing client base.

Our team prides itself on quality products and installations but most of all great and honest customer service - We don't talk rubbish to win the project, we are always up front with when we can complete our work.

If you would like to discuss any Cantilever Racking projects or would like any other information on our products or services, please don't hesitate in contacting Chris on 0402 685 512 or

Cantilever Rack Brisbane